We are an association dedicated to the rescue, organization and preservation of media in disuse. Anarchivia is also a space that questions the notion of the “archive” by expanding the horizons of what needs to be preserved, by which means and for what purposes.

Anarchivism is the impulse behind our work, and it recognizes that there’s value in every collection, as long as we know what it contains. For the same reason, cataloguing is the key factor to determine the values of usage, reuse and disuse of the materials. It follow that the “anarchivist” spirit incites the “use” of materials when they have archival value; the ‘reuse’ when there’s aesthetic potential, and disuse when their disuse is  irremediable.

We are virtually located in the web (anarchivia.org) and physically at the emblematic Churubusco Studios in Mexico City, in a space located between Studios 7 and 8 which we named Studio 7 ½ .

Our activities include:

– Film programs

– Workshops and seminars

– Archival management

– Preservation and digitization

– Open library specialized in film history, archival practices and media art


We are:

Gregorio Rocha Valverde


Pablo Martínez Zárate


Michael Ramos  Araizaga Preservation